Artificial Lift & Horizontal Production Conference

Artificial Lift & Secondary Recovery: Data Driven Solutions For Optimizing Production In The WCSB To Maximize Well Recovery & Lower Operating Costs

This Year's Event Has Been Reformulated To Focus On:

COST REDUCTION FOCUS: As the barrel oil has fallen below $60, it is not just the drilling and completions part of the operations that needs cut back - find out what strategies have operators employed to trim costs on the production side

100% OPERATOR LED: By presenting an agenda that is 100% designed by E&P professionals working in shale gas and tight oil production, this congress is completely up-to-date on need to the know artificial lift and EOR solutions

WCSB SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS:Different basins have different challenges. This agenda has been created specifically to address the high gas rates, H2S, paraffin wax and sands that can cause pump downtime and increase costs in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB)

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