Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Summit Canada

The evolution of cyber threats and exploitation of data vulnerability is advancing in quantum leaps. The ability and proliferation of efforts by malicious actors to steal and monetize corporate data or leverage it to assert power, track trends/behaviors etc. or even cause physical disruption in operations is a growing concern in the oil & gas industry.

With a sharp rise in botnets on Canadian soil as well as general increase in targeted attacks and unknown malware stealing data & disrupting business continuity, Canadian oil & gas firms cannot afford to not pro-actively address the threat facing their critical assets.

With the significant advancement & development of high volume and value oil sands, LNG and offshore operations in the Canadian market, operators in this region are developing a greater risk profile and steps will need to be taken to mitigate that risk if those operations are going to continue to thrive. 

For that reason, IQPC is organizing the Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Canada Summit taking place this January 26-28, 2015 in Calgary, AB. The summit will borrow from the significant success of the series of US-based Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Summits that have been held in Houston. With high-level discussion of major industry challenges and strategies to tackle key issues, senior-level perspectives and technical depth, this will be a must-attend summit for IT, cyber & information security professionals in the Canadian oil & gas industry.

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