Global Subsea Flow Assurance Series

Demonstrating How Flow Assurance Professionals Are Ensuring Production In Deep & Ultra Deepwater Reservoirs

It is crucial for operators aiming to minimize the risk and maximize the profitability of offshore operations worldwide... understand how to actively manage threats to hydrocarbon flow and overall well productivity from hydrate formation and deposition of asphaltenes and paraffin wax.

The world's first Global Subsea Flow Assurance: Hydrate, Asphaltene & Paraffin Management 2015 will bring together flow assurance experts active and experienced in deep and ultra deepwater operations around the globe to share tried and tested best practices for predicting, preventing and managing hydrates, asphaltenes and paraffin wax to ensure flow. By learning which chemicals, monitoring software and technologies can be used to predict, prevent and remediate effectively, professionals can ensure blockages have minimal impact operational costs and well productivity.


PRACTICAL, REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES: The first congress ever to focus not only on lab and pilot tests, but on real life subsea flow assurance case studies from operators

THE ONLY CONGRESS ENTIRELY DEDICATED TO FLOW ASSURANCE: The congress will dedicate two whole days learning how to practically minimize key risks to flow assurance in deep and ultra deepwater operations resulting from hydrates, asphaltenes and paraffin wax build up100%

OPERATOR LED: Completely up-to-date on need to know subsea flow assurance solutions- 100% based on the insights of flow assurance professionals

ADDRESSING KEY RISKS:Presenters will deliver solution-focused approaches to common yet still not fully understood flow assurance threats

DEEP & ULTRA DEEPWATER FOCUS: By addressing the challenges specific to deep and ultra deepwater operations only relevant and transferable lessons, technologies and techniques will be the focus of attention

GLOBAL FOCUS: Due to the transferability of lessons across deep and ultra deep reservoirs, the congress is taking a global focus drawing best practices from the US, Brazil, Norway, the North Sea and West Africa. 

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