Impact of Uncompleted Wells on U.S. Operator Performance in Bakken, Eagle Ford, & Permian - Webinar

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Since the crash of WTI crude five months ago, almost all operators and service companies in Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Permian have slashed budgets. Large or small, everyone has been quick to adjust to the new reality. In this Workweek Webinar™, we expect to cover the following:

  • Increase in wells drilled but not completed (or “uncompleted” wells)
  • U.S. operator spending cuts and multiple budget revisions
  • Completion delays and their relation to WTI crude prices
  • Break-even WTI crude prices for E&Ps operating in the regions
  • Top operators poised to benefit most on WTI crude price recovery
  • Drillers most impacted and least likely to perform as expected
  • Drilling permits, rig counts, and other indicators of performance
  • Smaller E&Ps struggling and at risk of not executing on drilling plans
  • Permitted, spudded, producing, & confidential wells by break-even price
  • Slower growth, lower utilization rates, and expectations for 2015


  • U.S. operators and other companies that operate in Bakken, Eagle Ford, or Permian
  • Oilfield service company employees who operate in Bakken, Eagle Ford, or Permian
  • Investment advisers who track and follow development in Bakken, Eagle Ford, or Permian
  • Rising oil & gas professionals who work with E&P companies in Bakken, Eagle Ford, or Permian
  • Businesses which routinely deal with oil & gas companies and are affected by new developments
  • Professionals who are trying to get a better understanding of the quickly changing market
  • News and media professionals who report on oil & gas or energy developments in the U.S.


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