The Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting & Financial Risk Management Congress 2015

The only E&P-led business congress on strategies to overcome the sub-$60 oil price challenge for executive leaders in the North American unconventional oil & gas industry. The Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting & Financial Risk Management Congress 2015 will provide E&P companies with the perfect platform for strategic learning and industry collaboration to assist them in navigating the low oil price scenario.

With oil prices recently hitting a five-year minimum, North America's unconventional oil & gas sector is undergoing a profound transformation. The number one priority for E&P companies right now is to reconfigure their corporate and operational strategies and understand how to rationalize costs without impairing the core of their businesses and compromising future revenue growth. For that reason, it is key for operators to understand which assets need to be prioritized and how to reassess capital expenditure to ensure an efficient deployment of E&P capital and maximize rates of return.

The Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting & Financial Risk Management Congress presents a strategic level agenda which has been designed to offer CEOs, CFOs, COOs and business decision-makers from North American tight oil and shale gas operators a platform to partner, discuss and build strategies for navigating the current low oil price scenario.

This is a time-critical strategic summit for top executive leaders in North America's shale industry and the only operator-led strategic conference that meets to the real needs of E&P C-level executives at this time.

The 2014 oil price meltdown has transformed the landscape of American shale development and all E&Ps who still want to be part of it need to lower their break-evens, solidify their capital structure, focus on the assets which hold less economic risks and strategically take the lease opportunities the current oil price scenario brings to position themselves in the optimal phase of the development cycle for when oil price raises again.


  • REASSESSING CAPEX ALLOCATION: Benchmarking capital expenditure allocation strategies in the low oil price environment to ensure an efficient deployment of E&P capital and maximize rates of return
  • RENEGOTIATING CREDIT AGREEMENTS: Evaluating strategies for restructuring debt and stretching borrowing bases to achieve flexibility from lenders on covenants and payoff periods and efficiently fulfill debt repayments
  • FUNDING CAPEX IN A DOWNMARKET: Quantifying the impact of oil price volatility on debt and equity markets and identifying strategies for accessing capital whilst prices remain low
  • HEDGING STRATEGIES IN THE LOW OIL PRICE ENVIRONMENT: Brainstorming creative hedging strategies for periods of oil price volatility to safeguard E&P's future revenue against oil price instability and today's low prices
  • CUTTING OPERATIONAL COSTS: Examining strategies for renegotiating with service providers and driving down operational costs to reduce break-evens whilst oil prices are low
  • MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS, PARTNERSHIP & ALLIANCES OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE LOW OIL PRICE SCENARIO: Evaluating opportunities for E&Ps to partner, merge and acquire to share risk and thrive in a low oil price market
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