Midstream Automation, Instrumentation & Control Congress

The First Vendor-Neutral Forum Tailored Specifically To Automation, SCADA, Measurement, Instrumentation And Control Professionals At Midstream Oil & Gas Companies

As The Only Congress Focussed On Automation Best Practices For Pipelines And Midstream Facilities….

...Midstream operators are excited about an opportunity to benchmark devices out of the spotlight of a vendor-biased user-group and in an intimate environment where everybody is facing similar midstream-specific challenges. Featuring 20+ case studies, attendees can benefit in the knowledge that every discussion will be:

Operator Led :

Each discussion will be led by a neutral case study from an experienced midstream company, delivering real lessons that can be swiftly translated to your operations

Midstream Dedicated :

Best practices will be identified specifically for automation, SCADA and control professionals working in the midstream sector - no vague cross-industry presentations designed for large tradeshows


Midstream companies are particularly excited about utilizing an open forum where operators can talk honestly and benchmark instrumentation from competing vendors

Expert-Designed Program:

Every agenda topic has been selected based on multiple requests by midstream industry leaders. This ensures every minute is spent addressing the very latest challenges faced by operators.

Focused On The Value Of Data:

Case studies will focus on the core challenge of rapidly and reliably communicating monitoring data from the field to measurement and control as quickly as possible to improve the accuracy of business decisions and optimize flow control

Deliver A Measurable Return On Investment:

Presentations will also unveil the business case for automation, comparing initial investment with the medium term operational savings to justify technology adoption back in the boardroom.

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