SPE Artificial Lift Conference-Latin America and Caribbean

An artificial lift system consists of technologies and components, including various downhole pumping systems and methods, surface controls, monitoring and automation systems, deployment methodologies, and production optimization practices. In addition, reservoir studies, well design, construction, and maintenance play critical roles in the overall success of the entire artificial lift system.

This conference will combine all aspects of the artificial lift system and all the interrelated components and methodologies, thereby allowing participants to see the full interactive circle of technologies and competencies. 

Who Should Attend

  • Petroleum and completion engineers 
  • Production engineers and technologists 
  • Stimulation engineers/managers 
  • Asset management engineers/managers 
  • Reservoir engineers 
  • Reservoir management staff 
  • University staff and academia 
  • Research and development scientists 
  • Unconventional artificial lift teams 
  • Heavy oil teams 
  • Appraisal testing engineers (low PI/ heavy oil testing) 
  • HP/HT and sour service completion engineers
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