Sporting Clays Tournament- Rocky Mountain Chapter

Supported by our generous sponsors, these great clay tournaments are another way to meet fellow oilfield shooters and raising money the worth cause of helping our oilfield families in crisis.

The OHH Sporting Clays began as the original fund-raising event that gave birth to Oilfield Helping Hands as an organization. The original organizers who created the event were charged with overseeing the event to raise money to help a fellow oilfield comrade who had multiple medical problems and, subsequently, financial problems. They quickly seized upon clay shooting as a great way to spend a day meeting up with oilfield friends who share a love of the outdoors and want to do good in raising some money for a buddy! And it’s been the flagship event ever since.

The rest is history; OHH Annual Sporting Clays Tournaments have become one of the premier OHH events on the shooting calendar in Houston and the event has grown to include clay tournaments in Oklahoma and Louisiana. Participants have the full range of shooting skills, from the most occasional participant in the sport, to national champions and corporate teams from all parts of the oil patch.

These one-day shoots are daylong fun events featuring first class food prepared by outstanding cook teams, games and trophies for each division along with incredible giveaway prizes.

So grab your guns, put together a team and come on out.

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