Supply Chain Cost Control Conference

The Only Event Designed For Supply Chain, Procurement And Logistics Professionals Working In Unconventional Oil & Gas Plays, Focusing 100% On Cost Control Strategies

In the context of current oil price volatility... chain, procurement and logistics departments at unconventional oil & gas operators are under increased pressure to control their costs, to ensure that operations can remain economical.  To do this they need to re-evaluate every aspect of their supply chain, from supplier rationalization, relationship management and performance measurement to transportation and logistics strategies and category-specific strategic sourcing.

To help with this, the Supply Chain Cost Control For Unconventional Oil & Gas Congress 2015 has been create to provide the first platform specifically designed for supply chain, procurement and logistics professionals working at operators active in tight oil and shale gas plays.With a 100% focus on cost control, the event will feature 20+ operator case studies, focusing on:

SUPPLIER RATIONALIZATION & MEASURING SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE: Reducing supply chain costs for unconventional oil & gas operations by developing reliable criteria for selecting cost-effective vendors & measuring their performance to ensure it meets contracted targets

SUPPLIER NEGOTIATION STRATEGIES : Understanding how to utilize leveraging strategies, optimize contract structures & manage supplier relationships to control supply chain costs on unconventional oil & gas projects

SUPPLY CHAIN FORECASTING & BUDGETING: Identifying tools & techniques for forecasting service requirements, availability & prices to save money by creating a supply chain strategy & budget that is responsive to fluctuations in oil prices & service availability

REDUCING TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS COSTS: Improving trucking efficiency, accurately tracking inventory & optimizing equipment storage space to reduce supply chain costs for unconventional oil & gas operations

EXAMINING EQUIPMENT-BY-EQUIPMENT, MATERIAL-BY-MATERIAL COST REDUCTION OPPORTUNITIES: Identifying strategies for reducing unconventional supply chain costs at every stage of unconventional oil & gas projects from drilling through to completions & production focusing on:

Drilling Rigs
Completions Equipment
Production Equipment

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