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Embedded Systems Engineer

Primat Recruitment, Gateshead,England
Employment type: 
Full time
Engineering, Maintenance

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Embedded Systems Engineer

* Generation and maintenance of software requirements in line with the project functional specification and company quality standards

* Generation of software design and documentation in line with project requirements and company standards
* Generation of efficient, well structured, annotated software code as defined in the design documentation
* Operation of simulation tools to ensure software design operates the product control system in the desired manner. Conduct stability analysis of control system by operating simulation tools to ensure the product remains stable in all conditions
* The production of validation and verification requirements to test that the code has met the requirements of the project
* Conduct the verification and validation testing as necessary
* Assist in the development of all initiatives to improve and simplify the generation, modification and documentation of software
* The design / modification of embedded processor cards, peripherals, interfaces and I/O circuitry to meet the functional requirements of the project system and the operating software, including all design specification, manufacturing requirements, component definition and testing documentation
* The integration of the embedded processor card and product operating software to deliver a combined sub-system which meets the project requirements
* Development of next generation embedded controllers using microcontrollers / DSP's etc as identified by the company
* Design of interface software (ie serial link, Ethernet, CANbus, MOD Bus, ProphiBus for example)

Essential: Engineering Degree in software and/or embedded systems related discipline

Desirable: Chartered Engineer Status

Essential: Working to agreed budgets and timescales and in a timely and efficient manner.

Desirable:Knowledge of relevant market sectors to TPS, specifically Energy, Rail and/or Military