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Top Employers Institute announces companies with high employee wellness

Top Employers Institute announces its list of over 900 companies with high levels of employee wellness
Top Employers Institute announces companies with high employee wellness

The Top Employers Institute recently announced its list of over 900 companies from 25 industries that achieve and maintain high levels of employee wellness. Top Employers are certified at national, regional or global level, depending on the number and geographical breadth of entities which HR policies and practices are certified within an organization.

Paris-headquartered engineering company Technip was one of only five organizations certified as Top Employer Global 2015, with certification in 24 countries across 3 regions:  APAC, Europe and Latin America.  Technip took Global honors while a select few other energy companies were recognized on a regional level, including BP Europa SE (Top Employers Germany 2015 certification), Eni International Resources (Top Employers UK 2015 certification) and Total South Africa (Top Employers South Africa 2015 certification).

In order to determine if the HR practices within a company are legitimately formalized, the Top Employers Institute assesses the existence of clear objectives, defined roles, responsibilities and defined frameworks.  These objectives must be supported by tangible documentation such as signed off documents, presentations, HR handbooks and intranet screenshots. 

To initiate the selection process, the Top Employers Institute invites companies from around the globe to participate in its HR Best Practices survey, which consists of an analysis and examination of an organization’s HR practices.  When considering the qualifications of a potential candidate, several factors are taken into consideration.

“A company must have a minimum of 250 employees nationally or, if the company is a multinational, a minimum of 2500 employees worldwide,” said Hans Rothweiler, Member of the Executive Board for the Top Employers Institute, of the program’s primary entry criteria. “Then, elements taken in account are the number of areas and practices within HR where the company has a formally defined strategy, the number of areas and practices supported by a specific technology, the role played by the executive management in the development and execution of the strategy and the level of formalization of HR practices.”

The relevant criteria to be considered for these recognitions are identical for every company attempting to obtain a spot on the Top Employers list. “Organizations that are certified as Top Employer in certain sets of countries and regions also receive a certification as Top Employer Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, or Global,” Rothweiler said.

The overall success of companies and organizations within the oil and gas industry is routinely evaluated according to economic efficiency, safety and environmental awareness.  While these factors are undoubtedly areas in which an oil and gas organization should strive to excel, it is easy to forget employee satisfaction and HR programs as important metrics for evaluating overall company quality and success.  Recognition programs such as the Top Employers Institute will continue to serve as a reminder of the positive correlation between effectively tailored HR practices and overall company success.

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