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AFBE-UK launches NextGen to inspire future engineers

The Association for BME Engineers, a not-for-profit organization, has launched a campaign to inspire the next generation of engineers in Europe’s energy capital
AFBE-UK launches NextGen to inspire future engineers

AFBE-UK (the Association for BME Engineers) Scotland promotes engineering as a career choice among young people from under-represented groups, particularly those of black and minority ethnic (BME) origin.

Aimed at young people aged between 12-18, the organization’s NextGen initiative will welcome around 30 people for a community day in Aberdeen – with further events planned for 2016.

The pilot event will take place on 26 September 2015 at the Fountain of Love Church on the city’s Palmerston Road. It will involve a series of fun games and challenges designed to test and enhance would-be engineers’ problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills.

Similar initiatives run in London and Nottingham by AFBE-UK has benefited more than 1000 young people to date. AFBE-UK members have carried out school visits to share their experience with young people with a view to encourage them to consider a career in engineering.

Many members of the NextGen team are also STEMNET Ambassadors and are involved in activities to encourage young people to get involved in science technology, engineering and mathematics related subjects.

“Too often, we hear reports of young people across the UK who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering but, for whatever reason, are unaware of the different routes – outside of university - available to them to achieve this goal,” said  Ollie Folayan, the Aberdeen-based chairman of AFBE-UK Scotland.

“Whether that individual chooses to continue with further education or enter straight into the world of work after leaving school, it is clear that much more needs to be done to encourage young people to see engineering as a viable career choice.

“In my view, this is where initiatives such as NextGen have an important role to play in supporting the continued success of the oil and gas industry, and other engineering disciplines, by providing young people with the necessary tools to succeed.

“By going into schools, colleges and universities and engaging with young people, particularly those who come from under-represented groups in society, our members can help inspire the next generation of engineering talent.”

Image: Ollie Folayan/ Engage PR

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