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Stirling Group announces new training program

Stirling Group launches global competency program.
Stirling Group announces new training program

Stirling Group, a provider of human capital development services across the Middle East has launched a new online training program to help ensure the sector’s current and future workforce has the necessary skills required to succeed.

Stirling 360 is a multi-lingual assessment tool which has full Arabic capability. It is a versatile online platform which is customized to an organization’s specific competencies and requirements. It offers in-depth feedback on individual’s performance and the impact they have on others.

It also allows companies to identify skills gaps and prioritize training in a targeted way to meet the long term demand for a skilled workforce.

Stirling Group recently rolled out the program across the Middle East. A multinational oil company based in the UAE recently used the application to assess 120 senior managers to identify the individual’s strength and weaknesses in leadership competencies. 

Over 500 staff took part in answering a series of questions to assess how each of the managers were subjectively rated against their leadership competencies. The tool is fully automated and generates in-depth individual reports. Stirling Group’s occupational psychologists then worked alongside the organizations HR team to develop individual personal development plans and collective leadership initiatives.

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