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Subsea UK launches new support service

Subsea UK to support SMEs with apprenticeships.
Subsea UK launches new support service

Subsea UK has launched a new support service to bring fresh, young talent into the subsea sector by making it easier for businesses to recruit apprentices.

Research conducted by the industry body which represents the UK’s US$13.9 million (£9billion) subsea sector revealed the barriers for small/medium enterprises (SME) in setting up apprenticeships. These are broadly the time and cost involved in what is perceived as a complex process.

Subsea UK’s scheme will provide financial support and specific help with making the process simpler so that small firms can benefit from apprentices and develop the next generation of subsea workers.

“The majority of our 320 members are smaller sized companies who are put off recruiting apprentices because they lack the HR knowledge and resources to deal with the overall recruitment and management process,” said Neil Gordon, Subsea UK chief executive. “Our findings revealed that they often turn to training providers or organizations but often this doesn’t work for them. The research showed that the most effective approach to make it easier for these companies to take on apprentices would be practical, one-to-one consultancy to support them through the process rather than producing generic guidance which is already available through other skills organizations.”

Subsea UK will offer tailored support to individual companies to help them with the overall recruitment process, development of training plans, setting clear roles and responsibilities for on-the-job training and conducting assessments. By working directly with companies, Subsea UK works to make sure their needs are aligned to the apprenticeship program and help them access funding.  

Image: Neil Gordon/Subsea UK

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