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Social media critical for transparency says Chevron Phillips Chemical CEO

Chevron Phillips Chemical CEO, Peter Cella, highlighted the importance of using social media to enhance corporate transparency and communication.
Social media critical for transparency says Chevron Phillips Chemical CEO

Peter L. Cella (pictured), president and chief executive officer of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company recently addressed the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) Annual Forum in Dubai. In his “Petrochemical Growth v. 2030: How the Connected World is Redefining Sustainability,” Cella discussed how the changing expectations on transparency and corporate conduct in a digital age are impacting the industry.

“Doing the right thing and communicating with greater transparency is becoming an imperative, and social media is one of those essential vehicles,” said Cella.

Social media has made the transparency process much easier for businesses, and its power is astounding - and growing. User activities on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms lead to almost immediate action, both positive and negative. It’s this dynamic that businesses and leaders should recognize so they can provide greater transparency among their customers and stakeholders.

Cella continued to explain that customers, business partners, employees and other stakeholders want to work with transparent companies that openly display good corporate conduct. The numerous social media resources readily available allow for prompt and broad communication of strong stewardship and other positive endeavors for companies.

“Let’s be proactive and transparent in shaping our reputation,” said Cella. “Social media platforms allow us to do just that – by providing a window into our corporate conduct. They also allow us to gather rich insight and identify potential issues. Let’s use the medium to our benefit.”

Image from Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

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