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Petrotechnics awarded contract with major LNG operator

Petrotechnics will deploy its Proscient platform at Gulf of Mexico facilities.
Petrotechnics awarded contract with major LNG operator

Petrotechnics was awarded a contract by a major LNG operator to deploy its Proscient platform at the operator’s Gulf of Mexico facilities. Petrotechnics’ software will help improve operations and risk management at the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal by standardizing initiatives, policies, processes and procedures across its operations.

The operator has received approval from the US Department of Energy to export domestically-produced LNG and is in the process of expanding its natural gas liquefaction and export facility to support commercial operations. Proscient will support the operator’s objective to safely and efficiently increase overall export capacity - making it one of the highest volume exporters in the United States, the company said.

Proscient enables better operational decision-making by providing stakeholders with a new way to visualize and manage operational risk and activity. The operator will integrate its SAP work management data with process safety management principles and internal best practices to ensure operations and risk management are standardized and systematized across the business. Proscient will enable the company to understand how to best reduce its risk profile and optimize operations throughout commissioning, facility modification, and ongoing work activity.

“We are proud to announce Proscient’s deployment to support LNG operations in North America,” said Mike Neill, North American president at Petrotechnics. “Proscient enables LNG operators to align their work culture and processes while standardizing operations and risk management practices across the business. Crucially, our software helps them achieve their strategic goal of safely, efficiently and sustainably increasing their overall export capacity.”

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