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David G. Gallagher named president and CEO of American Gilsonite Co.

David G. Gallagher will replace Ted Stevens, who is retiring.
David G. Gallagher named president and CEO of American Gilsonite Co.

American Gilsonite Co. (AGC) announced the appointment of David G. Gallagher to the position of president and chief executive officer, effective immediately.

Gallagher has more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas service sector, having served with Schlumberger, CARBO Ceramics and Baker Hughes in engineering, operations, product development, and executive management roles. He joined AGC in 2013 as senior vice president, commercial operations.

Gallagher earned a bachelor of engineering degree from the University of New Mexico.

Gallagher will replace Ted Stevens, who will retire. 

“We brought David aboard in order to revitalize our commercial efforts, with the intent that he would eventually serve a larger role,” said Willson Ropp, chairman of the board of AGC. “His strong leadership, ability to attract top-tier talent and business acumen have greatly contributed to the success of the company in a number of important new areas.”

AGC’s product, Gilsonite, is a naturally occurring asphaltite that serves as an effective binder and strengthener in a broad range of end uses. For decades, this “magical mineral” has been a key additive for drilling fluids and cementing in the oil and gas sector as well as for asphalt, inks and paints and foundry, the company said.

“Reflecting our heightened focus on bringing cost-effective products to market quickly, we recently opened an Innovation Center in Houston. In this advanced testing and evaluation facility, our clients have been actively collaborating with us to develop high-performance products for specific applications—all of which helps us to demonstrate the significant value of Gilsonite products in the marketplace,” Gallagher said.

Image of Gallagher, from AGC.

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