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Hoover Container Solutions appoints Schibevaag, Skaaren to new management positions

Hoover appointed Schibevaag and Skaaren to new management positions in Europe
Hoover Container Solutions appoints Schibevaag, Skaaren to new management positions

Hoover Container Solutions Norway appointed Tor Olav Schibevaag as managing director for Europe and Kjetil Skaaren as general manager for Norway.

Schibevaag will report to Hoover’s president, Paul Lewis, and joins Hoover with more than 12 years’ experience from Euro Offshore, where he developed and led the company as one of the leading cargo carrying unit (CCU) rental businesses in Norway.

Reporting to Schibevaag as general manager for Norway, Kjetil Skaaren has more than 15 years of experience in effectively managing and building highly complex and detailed projects for the oil and gas market.

Jan Sekse, vice president global procurement, will continue to support the efforts of Hoover Norway, providing input on relationships and design criteria for specialized and standard equipment.

The Hoover Norway management team is working on a global project to standardize the worldwide Hoover rental fleet design and procurement of cargo carrying units, chemical tanks and related offshore equipment.

When this project is complete, Hoover will offer a global library of all DNV 2.7-1 type approvals and designs that specifically meet the requirements and standards for each geographical market the company serves. This directive will also serve as the basis for selecting partners to manufacture Hoover products, which will in turn drive lower cost and improve Hoover’s competitive position.

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