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Muriel Barnier wins HSE Outstanding Young Professional Award

Schlumberger employee wins inaugural award.
Muriel Barnier wins HSE Outstanding Young Professional Award

With eight years of HSE experience, Muriel Barnier has been awarded the inaugural Outstanding Young Professional Award.

Gordon Ballard, Executive Director at the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), presented the Schlumberger employee with the award at the biennial SPE HSSE-SR International Conference in Stavanger.

The Outstanding Young Professional Award is an IOGP initiative in association with the SPE HSSE-SR International Conference. It recognizes the achievements of an individual with fewer than 10 years of professional E&P experience.  The recipient must have demonstrated professional accomplishments and evidence of outstanding talent, dedication and leadership in at least one aspect of health, safety, security, the environment and/or social responsibility.

“Everything about Muriel’s entry indicated that she is already on the way to becoming an industry leader,” he said. “She is eloquent about the importance of the industry and her presentation provided valuable insights about how to gain grassroots support for our HSE initiatives.”

Barnier's winning video presentation focused on how the HSE for Youth program, which she developed and manages, helps share the industry’s experience within a wider community, to keep people safe and make the oil and gas industry more acceptable and sustainable to the wider world.

In addition to the Schlumberger HSE for Youth program, she has co-authored five SPE papers and has two master’s degrees and a bachelor’s degree, all with highest honors -  each time graduating as class valedictorian.

In 2015, Barnier was awarded the UK’s National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health International General Certificate.

“The response rate and quality of entrants was exceptionally high,” said Jack Hinton, Baker Hughes’s executive vice president of Health, Safety & the Environment and conference executive committee member. “We received over 70 entries from around the world.
I would like to thank all the entrants and their nominators for taking part, and hope that in future years the award will continue to attract such high-quality applications.”

The other finalists were Yu Chen (CNOOC), Bev Coleman (Chevron), Omar De Leon (ExxonMobil) and Emma Thomson (BP).

Image of Barnier, from IOGP Twitter.

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