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Production from Exxon's Point Thomson project begins

Initial production from ExxonMobil's Point Thomson project in Alaska's North Slope has begun
Production from Exxon's Point Thomson project begins

ExxonMobil has started production at its Point Thomson project, the first company-operated project on Alaska’s North Slope.

Central pad facilities are designed to initially produce about 5000 b/d of condensate and 100 MMscf/d of recycled gas. The recycled gas is re-injected for future recovery. At full rate production, the facility is designed to produce up to 10,000 b/d of natural gas condensate and 200 MMcf/d of recycled gas. It is anticipated to reach that level when the west pad well is online in a few months.

The Point Thomson reservoir holds an estimated 8 Tcf of natural gas and associated condensate – a high-quality hydrocarbon similar to kerosene or diesel. The resource represents 25% of the known gas on the North Slope. Potential future development will depend on a range of factors such as business considerations, investment climate, and the fiscal and regulatory environment.

ExxonMobil and the working-interest owners have invested approximately US$4 billion in the development of Point Thomson production facilities through 2015. About 100 Alaskan companies have contributed to the success of the project, and thousands of people worked onsite and around the state during peak construction activity.

“Our strong partnership with Alaskans and Alaska-owned companies played a critical role in helping to complete this major project,” said Neil W. Duffin, president of ExxonMobil Development Co. “It further reinforces our commitment to pursuing the development of Alaska’s natural gas resources.”

Point Thomson is located on state acreage along the Beaufort Sea, 60mi east of Prudhoe Bay and 60mi west of the village of Kaktovik.

Image: Point Thomson/ExxonMobil

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