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Schlumberger, IBM introduce new production operation service

Multidisciplinary teams to deliver improved business performance across production operations.
Schlumberger, IBM introduce new production operation service

Schlumberger and IBM has announced that they have teamed up to provide integrated services to upstream oil and gas customers that they claim will improve the business impact of production operations projects.

The offering combines Schlumberger’s production optimization services, upstream expertise, and Avocet production operations software platform with IBM’s enterprise asset management and enterprise services to deliver an end-to-end service for optimizing integrated production operations.

This new service unifies the decision environment to provide the support critical for productivity and efficiency gains in today’s oilfield operations. The combination of production optimization workflows with enterprise business processes enables multidisciplinary solution teams to implement customized business offerings spanning asset to enterprise levels.

“Traditional ways of doing business are being challenged and business process reengineering has become an absolute requirement,” said John Brantley, IBM general manager for the Chemicals and Petroleum Industries. “Schlumberger and IBM are coming together with a joint engagement model to deliver our clients a clear path to achieving operational excellence, through integrated enterprise and domain-specific business processes with collaborative, real-time intelligence for improved decision making in the oil and gas industry.”

Through the service, customers should expect improved productivity, efficiency and cost management across operational areas including production optimization, flow assurance, logistics, scheduling, HSE, human resources, equipment monitoring and maintenance.

Image: Schlumberger

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