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Talisman Energy changes name

Talisman Energy and related Canadian partnership have been renamed
Talisman Energy changes name

Effective 1 January 2016, the legal name of Talisman Energy . has been changed to Repsol Oil & Gas Canada .

In addition,Talisman Alberta Shale Partnership, Talisman Wild River Partnership, Talisman Groundbirch Partnership, Talisman Central Alberta Partnership, and Talisman Energy Canada have been renamed Repsol Alberta Shale Partnership, Repsol Wild River Partnership, Repsol Groundbirch Partnership, Repsol Central Alberta Partnership, Repsol Canada Energy Partnership.

These legal name changes do not create new legal entities or affect any rights or obligations under existing agreements, licenses or permits. 

The addresses for service of these entities have not changed. Where any applicable agreements specify that notices are to be addressed to the attention of certain individuals, positions or departments, such specifications should continue to be used.

The announcement only affects the legal entities listed above. The names of all other heritage Talisman subsidiaries will remain unchanged until further notice. 

Image: Repsol employee/Repsol Flickr

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