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Texas Alliance of Energy Producers launches e-Internships

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers will be providing e-Internships to assist student members prepare for entering the industry
Texas Alliance of Energy Producers launches e-Internships

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers  is launching a new program, which is an entirely new concept- e-Internships. The e-Internship program provides college students the opportunity to remotely complete an internship online without the need for significant travel or time away from campus. 

"The oil and gas industry is losing workers at an alarming rate, with more than 80,000 jobs lost in Texas since the downturn began," said Bob Osborne, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers chairman and vice president of Cobra Oil & Gas Corp. "We know from the past that many of these workers will never return to the oilfield. With this new e-Internship program, the Alliance is [assisting] our youngest members - our student members - as well as providing a service to the industry as a whole by preparing a future workforce of educated, qualified oil and gas employees, who will be ready and able to step in once the market improves."

The inaugural e-Internship has been awarded to Logan Lewis, a petroleum engineering undergraduate student at The University of Kansas. Lewis will complete his online internship with John Tintera, Alliance executive vice president.

"This program will allow students who may be at a geographic disadvantage in terms of proximity to major energy businesses to participate and get real-world experience in the expansive world that is the Texas oil and gas industry," Tintera said. "The knowledge and understanding gained through an internship is invaluable, but depending on industry conditions, providing such an experience is not always plausible for individual companies. I'm proud that we at the Alliance continue to innovate and find ways to provide cutting-edge opportunities to all of our members." 

The e-Internship program entails weekly professional, online meetings, and routine assignments specifically tailored to students' field of study or interest. The program will also include regular evaluations and reviews, as with any traditional internship. It will eventually be incorporated into the Alliance's Student Membership program, the only one of its kind among Texas oil and gas trade associations. The student program has more than 70 collegiate student members at approximately 10 universities across the state.

Image: Bob Osborne/Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

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