Advanced Liquid Measurement

This course is not intended for the measurement novice, but for the measurement professional interested in investigative analysis and the theory of imbalance resolution in dynamic systems. During this 2.5 day advanced course, the student will explore real life case studies of pipeline imbalances and the methodologies employed to identify and mitigate inventory inequities. This course is taught similar to Harvard MBA case study program. The students will be charged with “situations” in liquid measurement and ask them to think through the measurement problems and provide a solution. The class focuses on tools and case studies.


I. Volume vs. Mass Systems - Fundamental elements controlling overall accuracy from the perspective of imbalance inquiries - Understanding relationships controlling system performance

II. Volume Systems - Influences and faults in temperature and pressure measurements and impact on system balance - Understanding volume correction factors

III. Mass Systems - Volume and density in inferred mass systems - Mass and density in direct mass systems - Volume vs. mass proving - Density correlation proving - Limitations of 11.2.4 and GPA TP-27

IV. Sampling Systems - Role of sampling in volume systems - Role of sampling in mass system - Discerning the source of gravity error (densitometry vs. analysis)

V. Case Studies A. Volume Systems - An examination of imbalances in fixed gravity systems - Examination of a case of gathering system losses - Examination of a case of financial loss absent measurement error B. Mass Systems - Investigative techniques - Case study of a system that gained but lost VI. Student Exercise Students are presented a factual case of measurement imbalance, complete with supporting data, and are challenged to produce an investigative analysis and a systematic recommendation to resolve the imbalance and then to present their findings.

($1600)     April 21-23, 20155.  Alternative date: December 1-3