Intro to Shale

The paradigm shift in the natural gas market has occurred due to the development of shale gas production. The shear size and locations of the production areas has made shale gas the most significant change to the North American energy complex in the last ten years. Tight oil production from shale formations is also increasing rates and reserves.

With the pending impact of shale gas on the complex, it is critical to understand all the implications and issues associated with this new production. The energy professional will need to be well versed in regards to shale production. 

This course will provide a thorough understanding of the history, the current state of development, as well as, a look into the future of natural gas shale. We will also be examining the key issues surrounding shale gas production, such as regulatory, environmental concerns and market implications. Many of these issues as well as advances in technology relate similarly to tight oil production. 

At the conclusion of the class, the participant will have gained a thorough understanding of the dynamics in the development of natural gas shale and the implications on not only the North American market, but globally, as well. 


What You Will Learn


Topics covered include:

  • Exploration and Production
    Current Status of Existing Shale Plays
    Seismology and Geology
    Drilling Specifics – materials needed, costs, density, schematic steps, well depletion
  • Ancillary Services
    Wastes Removal
    Midstream Services – gathering, processing, NGL’s
  • Environmental Issues
    Fracking fluid, deforestation, ground water contaminants, safety, political pressures
    Infrastructure – pipeline capacity, storage capacity, pipeline expansions
  • Market Implications
    Supply and Demand equation
    Spot Market
    Forward Market
    Locational Basis
    Impact on Investment

Who Should Attend

Program is intended for general audiences. Ideal for professionals seeking to gain a fundamental understanding of these emerging industries. Program assumes little to no previous knowledge of Shale Gas markets and technologies.