Natural Gas Measurement–Sampling and Analysis

1.1 CEUs Endorsed by the Gas Processors Association This course may assist in meeting requirements for DOT Operator Certification. To enroll click the Add to Cart button at the bottom of this page next to the class date you wish to enroll for. Covers the basics of automatic and manual sampling of natural gas for the determination of the chemical composition and Btu values.

Length: 1.5 days

Course Content

Participants receive instruction in:

  • Gas chromatographs: types and theory of operation, calibration, and analysis report
  • Sampling and sample-handling basics: manual sampling for spot sample, automatic sampling for composite sample, and automatic sampling for flow weighted on-line analysis
  • Safety while transporting sampling
  • Odorant injection and detection systems; selection, operation, monitoring, testing, and maintenance issues 
  • H2S analyzers: description and comparison of the theory and operation of the various H2S measurement techniques

    Included with Course:

  • Catered lunch daily; beverages and snacks provided
  • Course materials including instructor presentations
  • Recommended book: Gas and Liquid Measurement

Recommended For

Gas measurement technicians, analysts, engineers, and personnel who witness or audit natural gas measurement.

Cost: $900