Oil and Gas Boot Camp

Upstream Through Downstream. For all employees working for an oil and gas company involved in crude oil refining in both Offshore and Onshore. This course covers all of the “upstream” (exploration and production) and “midstream” (processing and transportation) information in our Intermediate Oil and Gas course and continues on into the “downstream” topics of oil and gas marketing and crude oil refining and distribution.


Focus Area: This course covers all of the “upstream” (exploration and production) and “midstream” (processing and transportation) information in our Intermediate Oil and Gas course and continues on into the “downstream” topics of oil and gas marketing and crude oil refining and distribution. We also cover unconventional hydrocarbons including shale gas/oil, coalbedmethane, tight gas, oil sands and oil shale, and briefly cover renewable energy including ethanol, wind, solar, geothermal andhydroelectric. This course addresses both onshore and offshore operations and includes our full drilling video, “Oil and Gas Drilling: From Planning to Production,”and oil and gas world overviews.

Who should attend: This course is ideal for employees working for an oil and gas company involved in crude oil refining. However, even people who work only in the upstream portion of the industry will gain insight from knowing how refining and marketing affects crude pricing. There is no prerequisite for this course but attendees will need to focus through a broad range of topics, including some semi-technical information. This course is worth the effort and you’ll feel enlightened at the end. Evenindustry veterans and technical staff will be engaged.

Course Topics:  

   • Background and structure of the industry
      – How the industry is organized and factors that drive activity
   • Geology and Exploration
      – How oil and gas deposits are formed and exploration tools used to find them
   • Mineral Rights and Leasing
      – How companies acquire rights to explore for and produce oil and gas
   • Drilling and Completion
      – Video showing the complete drilling of a horizontal well, followed by offshore discussion
   • Development and Production
      – How oil and gas is developed, produced, and processed in the field
   • Partners/Joint‐Venture Arrangements
      – Why and how oil and gas companies often work together
   • Industry Contractors and Suppliers
      – The network that supports the industry and the supplies/services provided
   • Gas Processing and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
      – Why it is often necessary and/or beneficial to process gas
   • Oil and Gas Measurement and Transportation
      – Getting oil and gas from the field to the market
   • Oil and Gas Marketing
      – How producers market products and how prices are set
   • Crude Oil Refining and Distribution
      – How crude is converted to products and the dynamics of inputs vs. outputs
   • Unconventional Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy
      – Shale oil/gas and other emerging sources of energy
   • Oil and Gas World Overviews
      – Virtual tours of all the world’s major producing regions 

Format: Live training with an experienced instructor using a combination of open discussion, slides, images, graphics, animations, video and physical samples. Question and answer sessions are held at the end of each section using anonymous electronic response cards given to each attendee. Group responses are displayed simultaneously and incorrect responses are clarified.

Certificate of Achievement: Attendees who take an optional exam at the end of the course and receive a 70% passing grade will receive a nicely framed certificate of achievement.

Handouts: Attendees will receive course binders with color copies of slides presented.


Day 1 – 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Day 2 – 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Day 3 – 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM with optional exam 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM

45 minute daily lunch break. Lunches will be provided.

Course Instructor: Paul Parsons

Paul is the founder of Energy Training Resources and has worked in the oil and gas industry for 30 years. He began his career working for a major oilfield supplier (now part of NOV) and then spent 24 years working with Occidental Petroleum Corporation, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the United States. Paul served Occidental in a variety of positions and was last the divisional chief financial officer for Occidental’s operating divisions in The Netherlands and in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, which is Occidental’s largest operation.

Paul is thoroughly familiar with both the business and operational aspects of the oil and gas industry and is directly involved in the development of our courses. He networks throughout the industry and is a member of the Independent Petroleum Association of America and the Houston Producers Forum. Paul has become well versed on the operational aspects of the industry and he personally worked with drilling engineers to script and direct our comprehensive video on oil and gas drilling. Paul has presented on oil and gas topics in a variety of forums including the American Petroleum Institute, the Houston Geological Society, the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists and the National Association of Division Order Analysts.

Education: Paul has a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin, an MBA from the University of Houston, and is a Certified Public Accountant. Paul also has a certificate in Professional Land Management from the Petroleum Extension Service of the University of Texas.

Reviews:  Paul gets high marks from our attendees and we think you will find it both educational and enjoyable to spend some time with him!

 “Paul you are a terrific speaker. You established credibility right from the beginning and I am pleased with the way you explained the subjects. Well done!”

          – HES       

 “Paul was an excellent speaker and trainer…He knows the material and was able to answer our questions. 
   I gained valuable knowledge about oil and gas and how my company plays a part in this business.”
         – Supply Chain  

"Paul was a great presenter and was very knowledgeable about all subjects."  
         –  HR Representative

  "The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and the information contained in this course has made it the most rewarding that I have experienced." 
         –  Distribution Administrator

 "Paul helped me to connect the dots with my current exposure within my area of production operation." 
        –  Production Operations Training Coordinator