Practical Pigging Operations Training Course

A five-day training course covering the practical aspects of pipeline pigging.


This training course provides a wide-ranging overview of all aspects of pigging operations. 


The course takes place at Greene's Energy Group's water-driven pipeline test loop facility in Houston on April 20-24, 2015. During the five days, the participants typically participate in up to nine different runs of various tools. 

The syllabus includes both hands-on exercises using the test loop(s), as well as classroom instruction, and full documentation. The content of the course has been developed jointly by Penspen,Clarion, and Tiratsoo Technical, A Division of Great Southern Press.  GEG as well as Mears Inline Services have agreed to provide cleaning, geometry, and intelligent tools for use during the course, along with its expert technicians.

Among subjects that the syllabus will cover are:

  • Pig trap doors: design, operation
  • Types of utility tool
  • Types of intelligent tool
  • Launch/receive trap design
  • Launching and receiving utility and intelligent tools
  • How to assess a tool’s performance
  • Signaling and pig location
  • Locating and reporting sample defects
  • Site safety: procedures and performance

Who should attend: 

Engineers and technical personnel involved in field pigging operations.

Course Notes

The classroom portions of the course will be fully documented with all slides and related documents printed in a durable 3-ring binder for reference during and after the course.

Continuing Education

On completion of the course, participants will be eligible to receive 3.0 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).


Nancy Leek is a pipeline integrity engineer with over 5 years’ experience in integrity management for onshore and offshore oil and gas pipelines. Nancy has worked on a wide range of pipeline integrity projects for numerous operators around the world. Her focus has mainly been on defect assessments, risk based inspection, IMR planning and pipeline strain assessment. She previously worked for an intelligent pigging inspection company and has extensive knowledge in interpreting magnetic flux signals and intelligent pig capabilities.

John Simon has specific knowledge of Pigging Operations for both onshore and offshore pipelines and worked in Pipeline Operations & Maintenance, Pigging Product Development, Business Management and Pigging Business Development. John has held senior manager positions and has 25 years international experience including Planning, Engineering Studies, Supervision and Project Management of Pipeline Pigging operations for Oil, Gas and Product pipelines. John has provided training for pigging and was a developer of the Practical Pigging Training Course.