Rigger Safety Training

This is an introductory course that covers the key components of rig safety.

This course will cover:

The following topics will be covered during the course
 - Rigger responsibilities
 - Wire rope
 - Standard slings and component parts
 - Wedge sockets, hooks, shackles, eyes bolts, rope clips, and turnbuckles
 - Basic sling hitches
 - Deterioration, inspection, and care
 - Sling angles and their effects
 - General rigging procedures and precautions
 - Recognized API-RP-2D crane hand signals

Learning objectives:

 - State a rigger's responsibilities
 - Identify rigging gear
 - Determine a sling angle (using the LAF)
 - Interpret hand signals
 - Select the proper sling type and hitch used to lift a load
 - Inspect rigging gear for wear and deterioration